Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Lost it

Searched everywhere

Gave up and deal with the loss

Decided to give it another go

Found it

What a relief!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I want my Mommy!!!!

Its close to midnight and i'm lazing in front of the TV, feeling like a snack. My mom loves after dinner snacks while watching TV. Some fruits, tid-bits, kueh, cakes...whatever. Mum will settle for plain water, but i will have my hot milo or plain tea. Then mum will doze off while i watch tv until i wake her up to go up to bed.

This is a more elaborate sample of our after dinner indulgence...its not always this elaborate. This picture was taken only a few months back, we had guests for tea, and plenty of leftovers.....

Now, let me go find something in the fridge....(no mummy tho:-()

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lazy Crazy

After a short meeting at our second office, we went for lunch at Little Penang. I had the prawn mee and Jill the curry mee. We both decided on iced chinese tea, which came overly brewed, and looked and tasted almost like coffee.

that's jill in the background, and see betapa hitamnya teh ais tu

I promised myself if I have a meeting with Jill, I will coincide it with my trip to the gym, coz its just around the corner. Of course after the lunch I was conveniently finding excuses not to go.

Yesterday’s excuse was to get home to check on the streamyx DSL signal on my new modem. Its been five days and I still haven’t got a connection. I subscribed to the self installation package, which saved me RM88…i.e. a month’s fee. It’s not rocket science to set up the modem at the phone line, and install it to your laptop.

this pix i took a week ago when i collected the modem, like a kid with a new much for the shortlived excitement

However, the people at the Clickers center seem to think that I am illiterate or something, and couldn’t for the life of them belief that the problem is no DSL connection is coming through. Only today, they are instructing someone to re-jump the port, and I will have to wait another 24 hours and see if that works. Bad service even before it starts, but i heard that is to be expected

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Tengah marah ni! Irritated sampai pening kepala.

I hate waiting!

I hate people who off their handphones conveniently...memang la dia punya handphone dia boleh buat apa dia suka, but dont set appointments then off your phone.

And because its a client, i cant verbally abuse this person when he eventually calls.

I dont like to keep people waiting, and i expect the same from other doesnt work that way i guess.

I am still waiting. I thot posting this would make me feel better, but apparently not.


Monday, March 12, 2007

The Tagg

Mr. M tagged me for this challenge…. tell 6 weird things about myself on my own blog... , then i need to choose 6 people to be tagged, leave them a comment on their blogs.So here goes mine:

6 things you don't know about me...(not necessarily weird)

1. When I’m stressed at work, I talk to myself.

2. I don’t like sugar….not for weight control or diet reasons…since small, I would make a big deal if someone put sugar in my drink.

3. I am a natural procrastinator (but I’m trying hard to fight it)!

4. I have a very low tolerance level for cold temperatures. If I sleep with the fan or aircond on the whole night, I will wake up feverish.

5. I almost always have a hot shower. If the water heater is not working I would rather put the kettle on and wait then brave the cold shower. This behaviour has no correlation with the room/ outside temperature!!!

6. I watch Akademi Fantasia religiously, from the first season.

The 6 chosen ones:

1. Cik Dory

2. Alex

3. Javard

4. Syana

5. Lollies

6. Wahdi

Friday, March 09, 2007

I feel...

Relieved........that the pending proposals were finally completed and sent to the client

Tired............been having trouble sleeping the past few nights i look forward to the start of AF new season tomorrow

Happy.........that i bought a new pair of work pants today

Hungry.......but i'm too tired and lazy to do anything about it right now

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

New routine

Amidst this new found freedom, i have yet to find my routine. My independent work i consider stated off this week i.e. last Monday. Monday i was at home the entire day reinstalling software to my laptop...part of being independent is not having an IT Dept to send your laptop to...hehe. I managed tho;-). I was going to sign up for streamyx and get the wifi package - supposedly my top priority, has now slipped down my ToDo List Top Chart - thanks to an anonymous neighbour in the building leaving an open wireless connection..dont i love thy neighbour.

Yesterday, Jill and I camped at Starbucks at the Curve to get some proposal drafts out. Its so nice to work in my jeans n tshirt...i'm contemplating wearing my Guess jeans, a cotton shirt and my black suede jacket when i drop off the proposal at the client's office friday but i'm thinking the client is not ready for denim. I need to be taken seriously.

Today, i havent done any work. Spent the morning at Immigration Dept Shah Alam getting Sally's (Mum's maid) work permit renewed. Then i stopped by at a cafe for a quick breakfast...i hate eating out alone, almost never...but i promised myself to go to the gym today. It's been almost 2 months....i enjoyed the workout and am now in a much better mood. Must be the 'happy chemicals' released during exercise.

I better go get some work done, or maybe i'll take a short nap. Isnt it nice to have options..hehe to Seema, SueAnn, Aerena if you're reading...jangan jealous..haha!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My new life: Prologue

16 feb: My last day at the old office. The official farewell party....we had banana leave lunch at my fav place in PJ. The handover run-around, the superficial goodbyes and best wishes, the genuine hugs and kisses. Finally.......

18 feb: the long drive home to be with the folks

18 feb - 1 mar: the extended holiday, it was more for mum and dad having someone around to cope with things. dad is doing much better physically. i tried to enjoy the break as much as i can in between the day to day chores.

1 mar: the drive a new beginning

2 mar: felt so weird....the transition period i think, from employed to self employed.

i have to say the freedom is very liberating.