Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Evolution of Chin

Chin is my next door neighbour. We moved to the place over 4 years ago...we mere among the first to move in as soon as CF was given. We exchanged polite coversations initially. Both happy to have another single girl next door rather than a family full of noisy children, or a group of bujang guys, or some freak. One day, i came home to find Chin sitting helplessly at her front door; vomitting. She has called for an ambulance to come and get her. Being the emphatic neighbour, i went down the corridor to check on the ambulance, and ushered them to Chin's door. I followed them down the lift as they trolleyed her to the ambulance. I asked i she wants me to come with her. She said she will call her relative, and she'll be ok.

After that incident, we exchanged numbers and promised we can call each other if there's any emergency. We talked occasionally, mostly about "house matters" like did you get this letter, have you paid for this, have you signed that....One day, Chin rang my door bell, asking if i want to join her for golfing lessons at the nearby club. It would be fun and cheaper if we do it together she says. I said ok. Soon after, Chin rang my door bell again. She cant do golf yet, he father had passed away and she just dont feel like it yet.

We exchaged CNY & Raya cookies......sometimes we hardly bump into each other for a week or two. A year or two passed. (or was it 3...) started to notice the presence of a guy at Chin's place. There's always there muddy boots outside the door. One day, Chin introduced me to Mr. Boots as her friend. The friend never left. Mr. Boots moved in with Chin.

Months passed, i see Mr. Boots more than I see Chin. He's always shirtless, sitting in Buddha like position facing the front door, reading newspapers when i come home from work. Then Chin got a new car. Then, is that a tummy....Chin is so thin and frail looking, so its easy to notice. Now what has Mr Boots done to my good neighbour.

Aha.....definitely not weight gain! Chin has married Mr Boots, and he got her pregnant. (I was not invited to the wedding, of course). Now, Chin has a baby girl...i think she's almost six months.....

It has been close to 5 years....and Chin has evolved naturally from single, to girlfriend, to wife, to motherhood.

Imagine if Chin is blogging about me....My stagnant neigbour Anne......

Monday, June 26, 2006

Small talk at the lift lobby

Nicky:Hi Anne!

Me: Hi Nicky!

Nicky: How are you?

Me: Ok, still a bit tired tho from the trip....

Nicky: Ya, i know.....still have not recovered...bla..bla...blaa....felt sick during the journey down...bla bla bla

Me: bla...bla...(agreed profusely) (boy the lifts are slow)

Nicky: Can i ask you a personal question? (ding dong lift arrived, we got in) old are you?

Me: (i didnt even say yes you can)...i'm XX!

Nicky: OK, we were having a conversation the other days about people who look younger than their age, and your name came up...but they said you are (XX+3)...i didnt believe them...

Me: that old?

Nicky: i am (XX-2), but sometimes people say i am younger..well not if i look like today....

Me: smiled politely.....

Lift door opened. Byes and See yous......

Now who was the culprit telling stories that i'm XX+3.......:-O

Friday, June 23, 2006


I'm on a food binge. Not good at all. I just crave for stuff that i dont normally take. The other night i gobbled a pack of doritos. Last night i had noodles for dinner, followed by hot milo and biscuits and kacang ngan yin while watching TV. Today i had teppanyaki for lunch, and just a few minutes ago i was already munching on biscuits and hot coffee. I am not my normal self. I blame it on hormones..........!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, what's for dinner?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It felt like ages....

It's been ages since the last post...i've been away for a training course up in Cameron Highlands. I've been back since Saturday, dead tired. It was a looooong programme, a bit hectic, we didnt get to go out of the hotel since the day we arrived until check out time. The journey up was tough on the bus, but the winding journey down was worse for my stomach. It was one of the worst motion sickness i ever experienced. The consolation is there's fresh roses in my apartment, and i've been indulging in strawberries for dessert. Strawberries dipped in melted chocolate, strawberries with vanilla ice cream.........hmmmm...heavenly.

I got my best buddies some strawberries too, Shal & Jill. Jill promised to bake a strawberry getaue (mcm wrong spelling je, but you know what i mean, the cake with cream)...i'm still waiting.

There's fresh vegetables in the fridge - i havent been in much of a cooking mood since i came back. There's asparagus, baby kailan, some kind of sprouts, capsicum, brocolli......may be i should cook tonite.

Here's some pics i took from my training room and hotel room window.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

I'm back

I've been back since Wednesday. Took the midnite bus. Sejuk giler so could harly sleep. Got down at the bus station at 6a.m., balik rumah, siap-siap, go to work. Things have been crazy at work as well...

Mom's ops went ok. She was discharged the same day. Mom wanted to be on full bius (betul ke spelling ni), in medical terms general anesthetic i think. anyway, that stuff made her really drowsy, tired and her body ached all over. Well, at least she didnt feel anything during the ops. When she had the same operations on her other eye last year, masa tu kat GH. Bius kat mata je, and tengah operate, bius habis, and she was in excruciating pain, and the doctor just carried on. After that we went to complain, of course too late and nobody bothered much. This time mom had hers at a private hospital.

Since before the ops until today there's been a constant flow of people around the house to fuss over mom. But today kak long dah balik coz abg long got stung by a bee, my sis will start work it will just be mum, dad and sally.

I hope my plans with dory, nekbat and jill will materialise quickly. Then i can have more time for mum and dad. Hopefully, more $$ as well:-)

Aaargh, hardly more than a month before the dreaded exam. I promised myself this would be a study weekend. bummer....

Friday, June 02, 2006

I'm Going Home

Frantic day at the office, rushing for deadlines, meetings, clearing this and that, replying mails, running here and there, set the Out of Office Reply and shut down!. I'm going on leave Monday and Tuesday, and as much as i dont care what the bosses think of me, i dont want other people to get in trouble while i'm away....

Anyways, i thot i got everything covered...i was already driving towards the hiway, then OMG...i didnt give THE FILE to Faez!!!! "Shooot!. Everyone has left. I said hi to Harry before i left....i called Harry. thank god, Harry is always the first to leave, of all days today Harry was working late (Phew!!!) Saved me a trip back.

I'm all packed now, for another express bus trip home.Mum's going for an eye operation on Monday. I pray all will go well. Auvoir!!