Friday, March 31, 2006

Dinner or Breakfast?

Looks like yummy breakfast? nope - that was my last night's dinner, in fact the second time i had the same this week. The night before that was an apple and some potato chips. Its a seosanal thing for me, there's the cook every night season, eat out season and eat any grub season.

What does it say about me?

a- Lazy bum
b- Pathetic lonely soul
c- Diet freak

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Paying respects to Lollies

My deepest condolences to my blog-buddy Lollies & family. Ibu Lollies passed away early this morning.

I remember knowing Lollies from my other blog buddy Nekbat a.k.a Dora's blog, then Lollies started dropping comments in mine. Its just a coincidence that soon after my trip to Qatar, Lollies and family was moving there due to her "lover"'s posting there. We exchanged some experience on life in Qatar.

I also remembered how much i felt for Lollies when she had red-tapes problem to return here when her Ibu was hospitalised. When I was on assignment in Bahrain, I had to write some policies on middle east expatriate immigration procedures, so i kind of understood the issues. I was also estatic to hear Lollies finally got on the Qatar Air flight...i sms nekbat saying "lollies should arrive KLIA by now".

It was nice to see how lollies blog buddies was lending support to her. Some of her postings made us cry with her, and some made us laugh out loud. Isnt it strange this connection among a bunch of strangers......

Be strong lollies. Al Fatihah.

Monday, March 20, 2006

I prayed for help.......and help came. I was grateful, but then i got worried. If i accept too much help, than am i expected to give back in return. Would being grateful deprive me of honesty and sincerity? Should we always question other people's motives?

May be i think to much.........may be a thank you will do.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The waiting game......& the back pain

Nory's replacement never the search continues. I worry about mom & dad. whether they are ok, whether they have food, if they are taking their medicines and vitamins. I worry when dad have to cross the road to get roti canai for breakfast, worry when he drives to buy some lunch. At his age & condition, he shouldnt be driving. I worry about mom overdoing the house chores and hurting herself.

Isnt it ironic that our parents used to do all the worrying and for the most part of it you really dont get it. Now the tables have turned....

In the wee hours of monday morning ,like 3 a.m. i woke up and found myself in front of the tv. I fall asleep in front of the tv very often...but this time with this chronic back pain, and i still feel it. I have had hot baths, put on minyak angin...any other tips you guys may have, please leave a comment.

Now, i have to go spend the next three days in a training room (conducted by Dr. Jeez - if you read my Bahrain post, you'll be sorry for me).

Friday, March 10, 2006

Thank God It's Friday

Thank God tomorrow is the weekend.

Thank God we found a replacement for Nory. New maid will report for duty on Monday (got 30 day free trial some more!!!!)

Thank God Mr. A & B has paid me for my damages. (Has received RM50 from Mr. B, and Mr. A promised to bank in RM100 tomorrow morning)

Thank God Mum and Dad arrived home safely at noon today.

Thank God the car i hit last night did not suffer any scratch.

Thank God my new car thingy is almost sorted out.

There are many other things to worry about, but i thot i would feel better if i count my blessings.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Bumper to Bumper Fender Bender

Car A had trouble with brakes, hit car B, car B hit car C. Car C got hit at the back, but hit no one.

I am car C.

There I was leaving the office early to meet up my Sis who just arrived KL for her medical. I promised Mum to visit her at Abang Az's house in Subang, while Mum & Dad is visiting Abang An in Melawati.

Technically, Car A is responsible for Car B, and car B is liable for my damages. But car B had bigger plans. Car A started all this mess, so car A should pay for B & C's damages. A is a bit of a blur, so B and me had to stand there in the drizzling rain explaining the disadvantages of filing an insurance claim - RM300 fine, loss NCB. Car A & B had it pretty bad, but my boot was slightly dented, and the bumper closed in slightly more than it should. Nothing was decided, so we exchanged cards and numbers.

This morning I learned that the police report need to be logdged within 24 hours of the accident. So lunchtime i rushed to get a quote - RM150 to fix the fender bender. B called to say A figured he cant afford the RM500 each to pay for A & B's damages and wants to file an insurance claim. B wants me to talk to A on whose going to pay my RM150. What the hey, i told B if I go lodge a police report he will be fined for my case, not A.

I finally had to call A and A was still a blur asking what do I recommend he does to settle this. I said that should be sorted with B. A was telling his sad story that B wants him to be responsible for my losses. A then agreed to pay for RM100, and ask me to get the RM50 from B.

B was on standby for my call. B is the "smart-one" who figure it all out. He will lodge police report on A, but not mention he hit C. That way he wont be fined, and he got A to pay the bulk of damages to C as well.

I am about to let go of my car (C) soon - trade in with another, so i dont really have to fix this. I told B to get the money from A, add on his share and send it to me. B had the chic to ask what if he runs away with the money (he didnt have his card on him yesterday, so i only had his phone number). But before i could conjure up some snazzy reply, he gave me his office address, which is almost next to mine. We'll see what happens...if the money comes, i'll fix it. If it doesnt, i'll let it be.

I have already so many things in my head as it is.....

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hopelessly Hoping

My instinct has kept me hopelessly hoping.....sometimes i feel embarassed by my own foolishness.

The Instinct of Hope

Is there another world for this frail dust
To warm with life and be itself again?
Something about me daily speaks there must,
And why should instinct nourish hopes in vain?
'Tis nature's prophesy that such will be,
And everything seems struggling to explain
The close sealed volume of its mystery.
Time wandering onward keeps its usual pace
As seeming anxious of eternity,
To meet that calm and find a resting place.
E'en the small violet feels a future power
And waits each year renewing blooms to bring,
And surely man is no inferior flower
To die unworthy of a second spring?

John Clare

Monday, March 06, 2006

Waiting for Nory

Mum said...."Mak dah doa kat tuhan, kalau niat dia nak buat yang tak elok, biarlah dia tak balik sini dah, tapi kalau niat dia nak kerja elok2, biarlah dia balik."

Yesterday, 5th of March was supposed to be Nory's return date. We waited for a phone call to fetch her, nothing. Well, no one was really expecting her to come back. On the last day, Sis caught Nory red handed when she found her skirt in Nory's luggage. Then mum thought she saw her kain batik folded in Nory's luggage. Mum also was wary that Nory had too much cash on her during her last minute shopping trips.

Mum was hurt and angry. She has been too nice to Nory. I even paid for her excess baggage.

Maybe mum's prayers were answered after all.

Now i have a new project in hand...seeking a new maid for mum.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Wishful thinking...........

i wish i'm at a coffee place, on a comfy chair surfing the net

i wish i'm having conversations with dory about making our first million over teh tarik

i wish i'm home alone watching re-runs of akademi fantasia concerts

i wish i'm watching a movie munching salted popcorn

i wish i'm sitting on a rock, with my feet in water, looking at the waterfall flowing down the stream

i wish i'm somewhere else today