Monday, May 29, 2006


To borrow wise words of a friend;

My heart is filled with daisies..since yesterday evening.

Hari ni dah start layu2 sikit...that's the problem with fresh flowers.

Friday, May 26, 2006

The Escape

my stress level has reduced somewhat, that big fuzzy ball in my brain. now compartmentalised nicely, in small "bite-size" pieces.

i escaped the dreaded company trip. i'll be sitting for an exam around that time, coinciding with the trip. What a wonderful excuse, who can argue with that? Now did i sign up for the exam to escape the company trip, well, i almost...but no, i'm sitting for the exam for a better reason. My mom talked me into it.

....what i'll be missing- dressing up in some tribal costume, the uncomfortable feeling of being surrounded by very, very drunk people, the inter-dept talent show - "theme from a movie"...somebody else will have to be Rose and jump off Titanic, some stupid telematch games. Sorry gang, y'all will have to survive without me...

Friday, May 19, 2006

Brain wash

Its like one big ball in my head, there's so much to do, to think about, to sort out to decide.......everything's fuzzy. There's no room to delegate..even at work! I need to take a step back, prioritise, sort things out. I need to cut this fuzzy ball into small pieces-> work, family, personal stuff...

That will be my weekend. I hope i'll embrace next week with a clear head.

Glad the week's over, the week that had:

1. Chris and Elliot out of American Idol (i know chris was last week, but he's my fav)

2. the Hippies win the Amazing race (yeah!!!! i love them)

3. RM500 dissapeared from my account - ATM machine error

4. my water heater went kapputttt

5. me signing up for "THE EXAM" again

5. ..........that's enough

have a good weekend my blog buds.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Its not a good sign when you wake up in the morning wishing you have fever, or a cold or a headache...or hoping last nite's mamak dinner was mildly contaminated just enough for a tummy ache.

Of course i feel fine. Of course I made it to the office despite the pouring rain, my skirt is damp and my legs are cold. Another day at the office.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Crazy Week

Its been a crazy week since Monday, a bad week at the office battling with report writing and reviews by the bosses. Why do they take ages to take a look at something, and come back with the most bizarre and unimportant of want this para to be left aligned, and that to be justified, and a space after bullet, and some not so clever things i dont even want to repeat here. I have a client half way round the world eagerly waiting for the report...whose the least of concern is if the report is left aligned or justified. Talk about priorities...Anyway, i...the small fish, have to practically go beg to the big fishes to release a draft to the needy client because they need to read it in time for decision making. But , no, no...another 24 hours because formatting is really important you know. AArghhh...i could go on forever, but i wont.

Tuesday evening my Dad was in a car accident. He and the other party was not hurt (syukur alhamdullilah). But there's the whole hassle of the police report, insurance, car repairs, summonses and stuff, and i feel so bad that i couldnt be there for mum and dad. sis was there, but she's not at her best in crisis. I'm sorry mum and dad that i live so far away.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Live from Starbucks!!

Its 11.00 a.m. and i'm back at my fav Starbucks joint. My car is parked right up front...which is a privelege, even on an offday like this in this part of town. Its just me today...dory, my partner-in-crime is entertaining her Mum and family. I had my brunch at the Mamak next door...some white rice, chicken curry, egg and veg. Didnt enjoy it, maybe curry's no good today, or its just eating alone. Anyways, alhamdullilah i'm full and ready for work.

My favourite purple velvet armchair is occupied by Mr. Spiky-hair. He looks like he'll be here a while. I've chosen a strategic position right at this corner. I can see the outside view, the counter and most importantly...Mr. Spiky. I hate it that he has this comfy, contented look on his face while i'm sitting on this hard wooden chair, and i need 2 extra chairs to put my stuff on. You see, the velvet armchairs are positioned facing each other...and in the middle is this long oval table where me and dory will share to put our laptops, books, papers, drinks....I'm determined to take soon as Mr Spiky leaves.

I wish Dory was here...then i dont have to worry about my laptop if i need my pee-pee break. Another reason I love this joint. It has a clean "ladies" inside the joint.

I better get to work, report is due Monday.

I could no longer tolerate the wooden chair. My backside feels numb. So i walked up to Mr.Spiky and grabbed him by the,no.. it wasnt anything that dramatic. He just packed his laptop and left.

I am back on the velvet chair...contented I am.

...that's my fav velvet chair

after my numerous visits, i think i have figured out coffeenomics. To get more mileage on your coffee, and avoid that almost guilty feeling of sucking in the ambience without refilling your coffee...order a Venti size (extra large for the uninitiated). Today, i'm having Coffe Frap with Cream venti size.....


My coffenomics gaining's mid-day and i'm just halfway thru the coffee. Its still nice and cold. Hot coffee I have to finish while its hot, i hate it when it gets cold. Unless its meant to be cold coffee...

Dory, you should try my coffeenomics, then you wont be spending 30-40 bucks every trip with 3 tall drinks.

Ahhh,bonus....the nice miss barista just dropped by with a Banana Cream Frapp sampler...

2.35 p.m.

A policeman just put a parking ticket on my car. What can i do but watch helplessly. I would run out and beg, but by the time i notice, the ticket was already on my windscreen, he's on to the next car.

What are the coffeenomics has gone into deficit, i guess. Just one of those days.

5.00 p.m.

sightings: The good son and his mom. He just made his mum coffee and some sandwiches, how sweet.

6.27 p.m.

i'm tired. Only halfway through editing the report. I might be back tomorrow.

This is Anne reporting for anne's prelude...ahaks.

End of live telecast.

Friday, May 05, 2006

The Art of Forgiving

Some wise person once said..."those who angers you, conqours you"

I am angry!

Should I forgive people to be at peace with myself, OR should i forgive because the other party deserve forgiveness?

I dont like the angry feeling, both physically and mentally, its not a good feeling.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Blogger's Block

Is blogging an obligation...but to who? To yourself, to those people who might drop by your blog only to be dissapointed that there is no post...i dont know. I guess its a little bit of both.

i've been procrastinating my blog updates since the long weekend. I could have updated it over the 2 days dory and i spent at starbucks, but then dory pointed out that it would be almost pointless because hardly anyone log on during weekends......

Sometimes i blog in my head but the thought never got to the keyboard, like the past few days...i wanted to do a posting on Dad's Birthday, on me and Dory's secret little project, on Sally stressing out mum...

...but not now because I am so tired!! I'm even too tired to say why