Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My Money Matters.............

Let the world be known that today I parted with Ringgit Malaysia Two Thousand Five Hundred Eighty One and Sen Thirty only....not a lot of money for some but a whole lot for me!!!!!!!! I tried to hold on to it as long as I can. Finally the illusion of having a healthy (well by my standards) account balance has been diluted...i feel weak.

End of miserable post ;-(

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

It's a HUGE problem because it's MINE!!!

I remember this scene from an episode of Ally Mcbeal. She's always stressed out with some kind of issues whether its work, men or her own quirkyness. One of her colleagues was telling her that she's taking things too seriously, and its not such a huge problem.....and she replied its huge for her because the problem is hers. (i dont remember the exact words but something to that effect.....).

Anyways, a few days back i was complaining to a friend my predicament. My housing loan refinancing is stuck - some problems to resolve with developer, lawyers, banks. Car needs to be sold. Arrange financing for new car (i dont mean brand new!). Sort out mum's maid tickets to go back to Indonesia...i felt like a million things to do. This friend was telling me i was taking it out of proportion.......I was slightly offended, like Ally said - it felt HUGE coz its MINE.

Friday, January 20, 2006

I dont believe in Astrology (but I read them....)

Of course i dont believe in Astrology.........syirik kan. I believe in Qada & Qadar..but i have to admit i do read astrology for fun. Somedays they are like spot on...some days totally way out of target. One of the things I enjoy reading is characteristics based on zodiac signs, birth months and also chinese birth year; and also those annual astrology reviews you can read every new year. Today i stumbled upon this overview for my sign (I'm a Saggitarius) for 2006. I read the third paragraph and it just me or are human beings in general suckers for hope???


You've never been the type to stay put for long -- not literally, figuratively or any other way. And for most of 2006, you'll amaze even yourself with the changes you'll make! First of all, you'll be a veritable paragon of self-control when it comes to finances (and not as the result any threats, real or implied, from accountants, parents, authority figures or IRS agents). Don't worry, it's not symptomatic of a total personality shift. It's just one of those subtle learning experiences the universe tosses our way every now and then. So learn!

When a parade of far too 'coincidental' events and encounters begins marching by you in January, February and March, you'll instantly recognize their common denominator and their collective meaning: Your personal priority list needs to be reorganized, and by mid-2006 you can expect it to become top-heavy with loving relationships and meaningful experiences. You'll safeguard your personal integrity even more rabidly through your world-famous, up-front honesty. Things -- anything with a price tag -- will be at the bottom of that list, which doesn't mean that you'll never again whip out a charge card and feel that delightful tingle. But you'll be safe until the tail end of the year. (At that point, consider rehiring last year's chaperone to accompany you on any and all shopping trips, or to baby-sit you if you get the Home Shopping Network.)

Your second source of personal astonishment in 2006 will be even more striking. You, the most freedom-oriented of all zodiacal creatures, may want to settle down this year. Yes, really -- with one person, romantically. If you're already with that person, just keep doing what you're doing. You'll be quite content to spend most of the year in their company and in their company alone, hibernating in your comfy clothes and snuggling up on the couch, working your way through a stack of videos. This should be mandatory.

If you're single and hunting for a soul mate, step up the pace a notch or two from mid-February to mid-April, especially around the solar eclipse at the end of March. Be extra attentive again during May and June (when you'll hear a foreign accent you just can't walk past), and after late November. Needless to say, prepare to make the rounds during those end-of-year celebrations -- and get ready for a great 2007!

Monday, January 16, 2006


Its been too long since my last be honest i almost forgot that i had a blog. In between rushing to finish work to leave Bahrain, recovering from jetlag, catching up with friends, work, "balik kampung" for the holidays...i could not find the time.

But i'm back and happy to be back. I'm just crossing my fingers that i wont have to go back to Bahrain, i dont mind short trips but a month or two is an unbearable thot....dr jeez is already hinting about the next trip.

Happy belated new year to all out there.