Thursday, June 28, 2007

dot com dot my & More Pics

Yesterday i met Jill to discuss business. Its been so long - since her dad sakit and passed away, this is the first time kita jumpa. She's gonna take a long break to be with her family so i'm gonna be pretty much on my own next month. Company I ada dua orang je (obviously!). Anyway, semalam we decided nak buat business card baru - dah dapat domain name with, with own email address. So lepas ni nak all out buat marketing rasa "best" sikit...before this je....nampak sangat lekeh. We have also agreed on our tagline and have it on our business card. Nanti la satu hari when I (we) are ready to share, i will reveal all...

Before met up with Jill, managed to squeeze a 1 and a half hours at the gym..7.30a.m. dah sampai...semangat ok!. And 10 minutes in the sauna. Baru 3rd time masuk sauna...hehe, last time tak its a must. Its good to sweat it all out - sd wahdi (! Sempat ambik gambar tau dalam sauna...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mogok & Ocean's 13

After a lousy meeting with a client that lasted till late on Monday, yesterday I 'mogok' sekejap, refuse to do work...itulah privelege kerja sendiri..hehe...well, even an employee can get a sick day off or emergency leave when you are soooo not in the mood.

Anyways, in the afternoon i decided to catch a movie - Ocean's 13. I really enjoyed it. The great cast, the clever plot..everything - its one of those rare movies where you wanna side with the bad guys...I love all the Ocean movies: Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen. Ocean's 12 is still my favourite so far i think. I just learned that Ocean's Eleven in actually a remake of an old movie starring Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis and gang...i hope to watch this version as well one day...tapi nak cari kat mana?

Dah habis mogok semalam, today have to get back to work...tie-up loose ends before balik kampung this weekend. Mom has summoned me back for some daughter duties, which means a week away from broadband!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Not-So Fantastic Four

Its not the kind of movie i would go to the cinema and watch in the first place...but it was a friday nite out with the girls, so majority rules. I went with little expectations, and true enough i didnt really enjoy it. Unless you're a big fan of comic based movies, you can just wait a year or so and catch it on HBO.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sorry...& the picture i promised

Sorry if u have been dropping by and there's been no updates. My mind has been too occupied with stuff...depressing stuff actually.

Anyways, here's the picture of the my "new toy" i promised loooooooong ago...

Yes, that's the new all-black lappie!, and besides the normal sling bag, i got this Targus backpack as a freebie. Its functional, but a bit big n bulky tho..dont u think?

It'll be a working weekend for me. I am running 2 workshops on 27 & 28 June and have to get the materials to the organisers by Monday. Its gonna be tough as my brain is in a somewhat hibernation mode:-(

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

About Yesterday

Gambar sekadar hiasan...tidak ada kena mengena denga cerita dibawah;-)
(From the Langkawi Album)

Yesterday’s plan was to get my new laptop from Geek (its an IT shop at New Wing 1 Utama, cute kan nama dia). I’ve been scouting around for a new laptop since the “lightning strike” sending my modem n beloved laptop to the dumps I’ve narrowed it down to a few choices, but mostly I checked online.. On Monday, masa jalan-jalan lepas gym, masuk Geek to check out the laptops.

Sometimes, the sales person does determine the purchase. These days laptop prices are pretty standard so prices memang dah fixed no matter where you buy. This guy at Geek, lets call him Geekguy was just amazing (and did I mention cute…no, no, that didn’t influence me…yeah right).

I’m not the most technical person, but I do want to understand the specs I’m getting…like what difference does it make if I get a 1.86 compared to a 1.73GHz processor, core duo v core 2 duo, vista or xp, vista basic or premium……..anyways the Geekguy came to the rescue, explained everything but not pushy or selling…gave options to dwell on. When I’ve decided I could just call him one hour before pick up so that he can install software and setup the notebook. Excellent. Doesn’t it irritate the hell out of you when these people practically shove things on you, oversell….’buy this one la…very good one…”

Back to my day, I woke up at 5am and couldn’t get back to sleep. I was still in two minds whether I should upgrade the Vista Home Basic to Home Premium, whether I have that option, if yes would the graphic card support the new Aero feature….so I got on the net to find out more. I couldn’t call Geek at 5am, so I had 5 hours to kill. So I thot….

At 8.30a.m the client who remained silent the entire week called.

“Cik Anne, sorry I tak call you …nak call semalam but it was already late, but there is a meeting at 10a.m. today, and if you don’t catch this person today….bla bla”

(between last nite and the morning of the meeting, which one is later…go figure woman)

I jumped out of bed. This lady said she will call again to confirm the logistics with another lady whom I never met. So I jumped into the shower, and got dressed with whatever that doesnt need ironing. By the time she called to confirm-confirm…it was after 9, and I have to get to Taman Tun to pick up this other lady, drive to Seri Kembangan and be there at 10am. Shit.

And the meeting was disorganized and bordering unnecessary. All these people using terminologies while not understanding what they mean. Tiring! However, we firm up some dates which means some revenue for me this month (thank god!). While the other ladies ramble over things that didn’t concern me, I was frantically sms-ing friends whom I promised to have lunch with at 1Utama. And I haven’t called the Geekguy!

I thot I can just drop off the lady back at Taman Tun, still make it for lunch which I’ve conveniently arranged 2 floors down from Geek, call Geekguy during lunch to finalise the specs, jalan-jalan while Geekguy do the setting up and then collect my new toy. No…..the lady after convincing me that I can get back to Damansara in 30 minutes from Seri Kembangan wanted me to detour and drop her off at Sri Hartamas for her lunch date. (Bad idea at lunch hour!) By the time I got to Bakerzin, my friends finished lunch. Though I hadn’t eaten the whole day, I was too flustered to eat. I finally settled for some profiteroles and the girls had to leave soon after.

Anyways, dipendekkan cerita all ended well. I got my laptop one hour after calling the cute Geekguy. Very happy coz I got free ram upgrade to 1Gig, so that I have enough memory to use Vista Premium (the graphics' far nicer), which Geek upgrade for add-onn of RM100 only. Nantilah later I letak pics. Still using my borrowed laptop to settle some work before I play with my new toy.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Uneventful Weekend

The picture is taken in Langkawi...dulu kan nak buat posting of my adventures in Langkawi...tapi dah lama sangat put on hold sebab came back from Langkawi terus busy i will just letak the pics here and there. Sedih kan gambar ni, macam lonely me about now.

The weekend has been uneventful (all the berita kematian not included), i dont have to wait for the weekend to be over to say this...because i know nothing exciting will happen today either. In fact the entire week has been uneventful. My daily rountine consists of constantly checking the mail inbox for some news on the workfront, masak and makan, watch tv. Masa kerja dulu you apply leave just so that you can do nothing....but too much of anything is not a good thing kan.

For some variety i try to do some business planning work, tapi tak best sebab sorang sorang..Jill takde so no one to bounce ideas with. I list down some To-Do list just to make me feel useful. I read Trump and Rich Dad Poor Dad for motivation. All these are mostly done on the sofa of course. Kalau sofa tu boleh bercakap, or even better move...dah lama dia campak i keluar tingkap agaknya.

Tomorrow i've scheduled time out of the apartment - go gym and kalau jadi have lunch with a friend...bukan apa...the TV & Astro decoder needs a break, dah panas nanti meletup. This slow period also allow me time to catch-up with old DVDs yang dah lama pinjam tapi belum tengok. Yes, i am embarassed to admit, as of yesterday...baru tengok Lord of The Rings 1 & 2, (i watched bits n pieces before before but they just put me to sleep) i understand the hype. Best rupanya.

And today evening is the French Open Men's Final...that would be about the only exciting thing for me today, cheering for Nadal to win over Federer!

Friday, June 08, 2007


About 8pm last nite, a friend i'm supposed to meet up for dinner with called to cancel, his auntie and his sister's father in law passed away.

About 10pm, my mom called. My dad's cousin passed away. I hope Dad wont be too upset. He's surviving many of his younger cousins. Dad's 76 this year, Alhamdullilah.

About 7am, got an sms from Jill. Her dad passed away this morning in Kelantan. My deepest condolences goes to Jill, Lizzie n family.

My prayers goes to my uncle and Jill's Dad - semoga rohnya diberkati Allah, dan ditempatkan bersama orang orang yang beriman. Amin.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Depression Busters

I am a bit depressed, since Monday. To cut it short things are not happening as it should work wise, and some other personal stuff. So today i'm gonna just indulge myself in this depression, just for today and prepare myself to get back to work and normal routine tomorrow.

Let me share with you my indulgence or you can call it depression buster tips. Warning: You can try it at your own risk, i'm not even sure if they worked on me, ok..

Living alone and working from a home office doesn't help at all. So get online and talk to friends or family. If they are in 'deeper shit'(pardon the expression) than you, the better. It'll help you feel guilty for being depressed in the first place.

Eat well. Hunger will make you more grumpy. Cook a pot of hot asam pedas...the more masam and pedas the better. My version has ikan tenggiri, tomatoes and terung. Eat with nasi putih panas-panas and ikan masin.

Cooking itself is therapeutic. After that hot lunch you would be sweating by now. Get into the shower. Hot shower works for me. Then lather your body with some nice smelling cream. Put on some comfortable clothes...not the baju kelawar...something you feel cute in.

(Ni takde gambar..heheh)

Then light a few scented candles. I like vanilla.

(Candles in the picture are the latest addition to my collection. Thanks Sue Ann!)

Then, think of things you need to do....depends what your problem is. For me, its Plan B if all the things lined up for June doesn't happen. Don't do any of the things today as this is your depression day. You have to allow yourself that depression time (or so i tell myself)

Then find a good DVD to watch, the longer the a Trilogy.

Cukup-cukuplah merepek kan;-)...I'm gonna go watch those DVDs right now. I hope i'm out of this depression tomorrow.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Pirates of The Carribean: At World's End


Since i slept through the first one years ago at the cinema, and missed the second one...i think i should get the DVDs! Yup, it was that good!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Bad Lunch

After the minor injuries (yang jatuh tepi longkang tu...), i decided today i should get back to the gym. Dah boleh pakai socks. Anyway, i wanted to get movie tickets to Pirates for tonite. Promised Shal we would go together. Its school holidays plus its friday night, the sms reservation is fully taken up.

After my workout (my personal record...tak pernah over 2 hours kat gym tu), i thot might as well have lunch at the One Utama food court (old wing) before i go home for a nap. I hear Pirates last for 3 hours, so nanti tertidur pulak. Rasa nak makan nasi biasa je hari i took nasi putih, tempe goreng, sayur campur and ikan masak asam rebus. Cost me RM6+.

So i sat down, first taste dah rasa tempe tu manis gila, then kuah asam tu weird...but still boleh makan. Then i dissected the fish....macam undercooked je, but still i had a few bites...then sampai part dekat tulang..nampak merah2, like blood still visible...i stopped. This is not good.

I took the plate back to the cashier...which is quite a sight, dengan handbag, dengan gym bag, dengan pinggan lagi..

Me:"Kak, ikan ni tak masak"

C:"Meh sini nak kasi masak"

Okaayy, i thot i was gonna get a refund, but i just stood there and she took the plate inside.

C:"Kak, ikan ni memang banyak darah"


C:"Kak mesti tak pernah makan ikan ni"

Me:"Ikan apa"

C:"Ikan patin"

Another C:"Ikan ni ubat tau, elok untuk kulit. Customer complain kalau kita masak sangat, esp orang cina"

Me:"Saya tak tau"

Waited, and waited.

Me:"So, apa yang lama sangat ni"


My stomach was feeling quesy already, with this fishy, sweet taste in my mouth. Do i really want the plate back. Then this makcik came out with the plate screaming "Panas, panas, ambik tray."
Memang smoking the plate. I took a look at the fish,,...still look the same.

I kept quite, carried the tray and sat down. Stared at the plate...melamine plastic. Not a good idea to microwave plastic....Nak makan ke tak?...Sayangkan, rezeki. But i really couldnt stomach it...dah kembang and all the rice (the pix is after the microwave treatment).

So i walked away, paid the parking and left. Came home to an orange juice. I dont think i can stomach anything just yet. Maybe i'll drag Shal to supper later after the movie...