Friday, July 21, 2006

In case you are wondering.......

i've been away for study leave, and i am in the middle of my exams. (ade ke orang wonder mana i pegi...hehehe, probably not). Next week ada lagi 2 paper, then i'm free. Yahoo!

Monday, July 10, 2006

My name is Anne; and I am a Procrastinator.... like some kind of disease.

Is there some support groupie?

I so need to get out of this. I know i wasnt born with it.

If you have any good ideas/ cure, leave a comment.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

An "Eventful" Weekend...literally.....

I guess it's last weekend was an eventful weekend for most people.....

Mine kicked off Friday evening with a karoeke sesssion with frens from work. It was a blast. I cant believed i sang a duet with Yus...lagu ape tau..seiring dan la la la la la la laaaaaaaa...hehehe. Then, i went home to the German-Argentina match...

Saturday, i had breakfast alone at the usual mamak, and hang out at Starbucks catching up on blogs and trying to get in a few hours of study. (Exam is in 2 weeks, shooootttt!!) Jill joined me and we had a good laugh about Shal's photoshoot (should i say photoshop? :-)); Mawi's break up; and other gosss...

Saturday night i watched to most unentertaining AF concert ever (except for the host...hehe!!, everything else sucked). That was followed by an emotional ride watching the England-Portugal match....ooohh, i so couldnt watch the penalty shoot out; and the result :-(- lets not even go there. Results apart it was fun tho, sharing the suspense with Jill, Vince and Vince's German supporting other half.....Vince has not turned up for work since (such devastation)

Sunday was an emo day. I stayed at home just feeling sorry for myself mostly...i hate it when that happens. (it had nothing to do with football)

Monday - well, i had an extended weekend. The stomach cramps and headaches from Sunday spilled over to Monday and i called in sick.

At least it wasnt just another boring weekend ..