Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The One

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If you catched the live telecast of the Wedding of the Year on Monday night, you would probably heard this song sang by Siti to her hubby Datuk K. Its called Cahaya & lyrics by Siti Nurhaliza.

...Dia telah menentukannya
kita bertemu dan bercinta
inilah oh takdirnya
bukan kerana harta
inilah citra cahaya cinta

pintu hatiku telah kau buka
tak mampu ku menafikannya
kejujuran diberi
kasih takkan terhenti
ini bahagia yang ku cari...

(extract from

Suddenly i remembered some years back a good friend decided she was getting married, and i asked her how do you know that he's is THE ONE. She said when he is the one, you'll know.

Hmmmm, i'm still waiting....

Monday, August 28, 2006

The Reunion

I went for the Reunion.....last minute change of venue-thank god!. Upon my tip-off, they decided to send Hafiz to One Bangsar to sell all 15 coupons, which he did in record time. So we met up for a late lunch at Marche Movenpick@ The Curve....i like!!

I was the first to arrive, followed by the ex-Boss (who deserve a special mention coz he paid for everything...thanks Roy!). Apart from Mag & Lini who have not changed (physically), i almost did not recognise Sue & Nora when they walked in.....Sue just delivered her 2nd baby and Nora is married now, so i guess its expected. I cant help noticing that they have aged somewhat...and i start to think that i must have as well. I see Jill, Shal quite often, but to those people we havent seen in years, ....Anyways, i am happy to hear them commenting i still look "small" since we last bid farewell. That's not what the bathroom scale is telling me, but i wouldnt argue:-P

The food was great, the environment was nice to nibble and chat, and the company.....i didnt feel out of place eventhough there were a few people i've never met. One of the new girls, Mas, when introduced said i hear your name mentioned almost everyday. Good legacy i hope.....(not the mess i left behind!). I can still feel the sense of belonging despite 2 years has passed, and that's a nice feeling.

The getting ready part started early morning with a trip to the salon. My hair is due for trimming anyways. I didnt like the way they styled it tho, so i did it again at home...the hair straightening gel helped heaps!. Then i had to decide what to wear. Check out the selection process...

All in all, i had a good time..

Friday, August 25, 2006

Anne's Rojak Post

anne loves cats!

Anne Ain't Simple
I was having lunch with an office friend at the IKEA restaurant today. She had Bread n Chicken Curry (yup, they do serve that in this Sweedish establishment), and i had Poached Salmon in Cream Sauce. She asked if she can have a bite, after which she said you are such a simple person!. Because i ate poached salmon???

MOTS: Dont judge a person by what she ordered from the menu!
(MOTS=morale of the story)

Anne is not fond of Reunions
I got a call from my ex-colleagues. They are having some get together to bid farewell to some people who are resigning, transfering. They are also inviting a few ex-staff (me included). I should be flattered that i am fondly remembered to merit this invite. But these are people i have not seen since 2004. Reunions makes me anxious .What do i wear......of course they will check you out! People form impressions. What do i say.......its been a while, only 1 or 2 of them i've kept in touch with. Yes, i get very self conscious with unfamiliar crowd.

TFS= It would be fun to check them out as well!
(TFS=the flip side)

Anne Hates Crowded Places
And i have problem with the venue. One Bangsar - The One Feast"all you can eat promo". If you havent heard about it, One Bangsar houses many restaurants (7 or 8 i think - Italian, Mediterranean, Thai, Indian, Japanese & many more) I was there with Jill last weekend, supposedly for Shal's birthday lunch....only that Shal didnt turn up. It was so packed and crowded! You have to queue for food (for ages!!!!) and there's hardly places to sit. Me and Jill managed to squeeze through sitting on bar stools, garden pavements and some odd chairs.

But for a crowd of 15 who want to catch up on old times....a No-No.
I tried to warn the organiser, but too late - they have purchased the coupons.

LL= based on last week's experience, stick to one good restaurant and stay there. My personal favourite, the Italian. Despite the crowd, it was well managed and the food was good.
(LL=Lesson's learnt)

Anne is Alone
So what else is new?

I have many friends, but those i hang out with i can count with one hand. Jill is off to Kelantan for a weekend with the folks. Shal is off to Mersing for a kenduri. My big brother & family is driving back to Alor Setar today for the school holidays.

Maybe i should go for the reunion, for old times sake....Besides i have nothing better to do, and it will make a good blog post. And Jill thinks it would be good for our "future biz". Should i drop by One Utama to get a new top or something:-)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Its all GOOD!

I survived the hospital appointment. The procedure was slightly painful. But it's all good! Alhamdullilah.

Monday, August 21, 2006

48 hours.

I'm at the office staring at some report....i'd rather be home watching live telecast of Siti & DK's akad. That would make a good distraction.

After much prodding from mum and kakak, i made the dreaded appointment. The last appointment i missed for a good reason. I was in Bahrain. That was 7 months ago. I hate going to hospitals. The idea of it make me miserable already.

Suddenly i dont feel so good anymore. I'm gonna be out of sorts till Wednesday morning. This will be my third visit. So far its been all good, but until the good doctor says so, i'm all nerves.

48 hours to go.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Demam lagi!

I am sipping hot water from my thermal mug, waiting for the day to be over...that is 2 hrs from now.

Had a very late night last nite, working on the power point slides till 2a.m. It was only a half day training session to about 10 people, but its just me.... When i have to take the floor, i have to prepare well. When to get in a narrative, when to sneak in a joke.......hehe, so orchestrated.

Today's purpose was to intimidate. Some "clever person" told one of the team members that the next project is a no-brainer. Which is so NOT TRUE.

Anyways, i hope i'll feel better soon. Me and Jill have big plans for the weekend.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Anne is under the weather...

Come to think of it, how did that expression come about? Anyone....?

After two 7-hour bus rides, i'm not feeling too good today. I am feverish and weak. I turned up at an all-important client meeting this morning looking like hell.

But it was all worth it. Mum and Dad did not say how elated they are to have me and Chik back home running errands and fussing over them, but they dont have to....i know they were happy. And it made it all worth the journey, and the after effect....

Me and 2 bros have agreed to take turns going home to be with mum and dad, so there'll be more of such weekend trips.....insyallah!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

There are Ants inside Anne

There are ants inside me……..yup, 20-30 easily. Those black sugar-loving ones.

The other night I made myself a mug of hot milo, and I dozed off before drinking it. Before I went to bed, I put the mug in the fridge.

Last nite, I couldn’t sleep…..i went to the fridge (note: kitchen light was off), saw the milo…yummm..cold milo. I took a gulp, you know..just to check that it hasn’t gone bad or anything..Still good. So i grabbed a bag of chips and parked my self in front of the TV. Then i saw, in the mug, filled with ants, many-many surfaced when i stirred the drink...

Yikes, i drank water the whole night.......why i dont know, drown the ants? I had to pee often but no ants......My throat and ears are itchy since...Could it be that the ants were frozen in the fridge but never died....and now they are awaken by the warmth of my blood. They are probably strategising their way an Ants' version of LOST.

OMG, now how to i get those ants out of my body. Maybe they will come out if if know...the biggie....(Note to self: Eat extra fibre today).

My mom told me to throw out any drinks with ants in'll make you forgetful it seems. But that's 1 or 2 miserable ants.........

Now, what was i blogging about......??###.......

    Monday, August 07, 2006

    Shopping, AF Final and Sally......

    Anne goes shopping!!

    Saturday morning I was supposed to have a breakfast meeting with Dory, just to catch up after my long 3 weeks’ commitment to exams….and also talk business. But Dory had to cancel…she has more important stuff to do before flying off overseas.

    So, I decided to go shopping…yelah tengah Mega Sale kan. Can’t even recall when was the last time I join the Mega sale crowd. I hate going to crowded shopping complexes……but what to do, I work weekdays (unlike some lucky people…..;-) )

    I got a list done up and all……this is serious! Usually, if I go out with friends, it’s just for window shopping, or if I stumble upon something I like, I’ll get it. But today, I was on mission – so this I do best alone. After a Mekdi breakfast, I hit the stores.

    I got myself a pair of shoes for work, underwear for me and mum, a shirt for dad, moisturizer for me…Tak banyak pun, but the browsing, selection, trying, deciding process….after 4.5 hours I couldn’t take it anymore. My feet was hurting, my pinggang was aching bigtime. I was telling myself I used to be able to do this for 8 hours…yelah, tu zaman muda-muda …ahaks. Banyak lagi item belum dapat; but I went home and lie down.

    The AF Final Concert

    If you have been watching, this is probably the worst out of the 4 seasons Akademi Fantasia has been on air. Being the loyal fan that I am, of course la tengok jugak kan. I called my mom a few minutes before the concert just to remind her to tune in.

    Big mistake, huge,……some commotion was going on at home. Sally was on some kind of strike. (Yup, Sally the indon maid). She insists that she wants to stop work and leave. The reason being in Indonesia she only sweep and mop floors twice a week, and she cant stand the fact that mum wants her to do it everyday. (I’ve seen her clean, ok….my nephew can do a better job). It was ridiculous trying to make sense and rationalize with someone with an IQ of 3! I was shouting at her and slammed down the phone. And the concert has started…..

    Just when I thot things have calmed down, and my life is back to normal.

    Thursday, August 03, 2006

    The Lesser Evil........

    I was asked to choose the lesser of two i did! Ooops, wrong pick. I am in for a miserable time. I should seriously consider Plan B & C!