Friday, December 29, 2006

The Circle of Life

Picture Shhhhh by David April (

Last night, my prayers were simple....Dear God, please let mum and dad sleep well.

I was watching the Amazing Race..we were all gathered around the TV. Dad, mom, me and my nephew, Jim. And mom and dad fell asleep. I turned down the tv, silent the cell phone and tip- toed around the house.

When my parents reach past 60, they turned into very light sleepers. Lack of sleep just make them tired, moody and irritable...and oh yes, less tolerant of each other....especially Dad.

I'm sure when we were babies, our parents would do anything just to get us to sleep, and tip toe around the house not to wake us up. Life is an interesting cycle, aint it.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Technical problem

On Tuesday, I wrote at length about the past 10 days. From my drive home to mom's surgery to sis's departure for her Haj and all the stresses and strains in between. I'm not sure if its the office server or Blogger was having problem, but the post just vanished.

And i'm too tired to repeat the same story......suffice to say that mom is doing great, sis is doing well in Mecca and i'm having a bad flu!

Its a slow week at the office, there aint many people around. Everyone's just taking it easy having long lunches and making the early exit.

All the antibiotics and pills are making me drowsy and irritable. I'm gonna go for an early lunch now.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Vroom, vroom

I'm taking the day off tomorrow - Balik kampung. The whole family will be back, both my brothers and family will be departing this evening. I've decided to drive back early tomorrow morning. Macam nak raya pulak.

Mum is going for surgery tomorrow. We want to be there for her and dad.

At the same time, i am going to take this opportunity to horse train my car. My brother told me a new car is like a horse - you need to train in to run fast or it will forever be lazy.....He asked me to speed the car after the mileage reached 400km...nothing less than 140km/hr. (is this true?)
I only managed short stretches so far.

So i'm kind of looking forward to the long drive.....

Have a good weekend everyone....

Monday, December 11, 2006

I should be worried..........

There are a few things i should be worried about this week, but i'm not. I guess its a good thing - not worrying. I've been told i worry too much.

There's an almost guilty feeling for not worrying.

Maybe i'm just not worried yet........

Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good

Jill & I are already in talks with possible strategic alliances for our "project" next year. In fact, we are doing some paperwork already to propose possible projects. We were only going to start next year, but windows of opportunities are already presenting itself.

The Bad

Jill is busy and all stressed - the hair pulling kind as she puts it. I still have my commitments at work - 72 days to go to be exact. By evening when we want to sit down and think about our "project", we would be dead tired.

The Ugly

Physically, here i am at work, but mentally i'm so not here. Its hard because i am in the middle of a tough project, and everything is sort of thrown in my lap. Jill and I owe our strategic alliance some paper work by tomorrow, and here i am staring at my laptop...i have all the ideas figured out in my head, but having trouble downloading it. I'm waiting for Jill to get off work@7. My working hours is over. Hopefully Jill can do 'brain surgery'. We'll be working as late as Starbucks can have us.....and shift to the Mamak next door if need be.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Movie Marathon

One Saturday - Two movies, both local production by the way. I hardly watch local movies at the cinema unless they're supposedly worth the watch. This time i wanted to watch Cinta because i read great reviews about it, and its apparently the talk of the town. Its been a while since i've seen Rahim Razali in a movie - Abang 92??

The Red Kebaya, i had doubts, but Jill wanted to watch it. It was supposedly different - plot wise, cast and crew, some clever effect. I thot i might as well go along with Jill rather than go home and brood over my problems.

I'm giving thumbs-up for Cinta (bring tissues) and thumbs-down for Red Kebaya (it started off well, and yawn, yawn - when is it going to end???)