Monday, October 20, 2008


I am leaving for Kota Kinabalu kejap lagi.

Bukan holiday - kerja. Esok sampai Khamis ada training program dengan sebuah jabatan kerajaan.

Which is why since lepas cuti raya, jarang update blog. Tak sempat. Busy preparing.

Stress sungguh sebab projek ni last minute, and banyak la masalah here and there.

Anyway, i am nervous sangat sebab client ni tak kasi i very clear picture of their expectation. Satu lagi first time i buat training untuk "gomen".

Lagi satu program ni siang malam, 2-and a half days. I sorang je handle. Boleh ke? Yang nak datang tu orang2 senior gomen seluruh negeri...nak ke depa dengar aku cakap.

There were days when i asked myself kenapa la aku terima job ni. This time for the money, yes - i tak malu nak ngaku. Itu number 1. Experience no 2. Topik dia pun bukan la i suka sangat, which makes it harder. Kena study dasar kerajaan gitu nak design course ni...ishhh.....

Anyway, dah over one week of sleepless nights and backaches...lets just do it and get it over with.

Thanks to Jill & MissQQ yang tolong with the slides, and kasi ideas.

nampak tak kepenatan & stress tahap gaban......???
Trying to psyche myself up....think positive, think happy. Kalau trainer muka penat dan stress, participant punya first impression dah habis, gone!!!
Doakan everything goes well ya.

Kalau sempat, will update from there.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Turun lagi


Alhamdulillah, tapi boleh turun lagi kot.....

Friday, October 10, 2008

Steamboat in Seoul??

Wednesday nite, i met up with the girls - Jill & MissQQ. Just to catch up on raya stories. We've been planning a birthday dinner for MissQQ since before puasa - but it never happened. (Babe - birthday present nanti ye!) And Jill also turned one yr OLDER on hari raya ke-4 hahaha, kesian.

Anyways, we had coffee at Old Town One Utama, and then the girls decided to have a Korean BBQ & steamboat dinner at Seoul Garden.

First time for me having anything korean..! If you ask me, its not that different from the normal fare except for that coffee marinated chicken.

Its a buffet, so go when you are hungry and with good company. Stay for hours and hours, and dont dress up in white or yr best clothes coz the hot plate splatters!

Jill got MissQQ this book for her bday: A Single Girl's Manifesto. Suka dia. MissQQ...haaaa, jgn ikut sgt buku tu, go find a man!:-O! (LOL).

I got both girls something even better - Doa ikhlas supaya dapat jodoh yg beriman cepat cepat. See....priceless! Muahahaha.

Thursday, October 09, 2008


Back since Monday

Adjusting back into normal routine.

2-3 hari ni i unpack, kemas rumah, laundry. Update myself pasal kerja. Catch up on emails, blogs - in short cyberlife yang ditinggalkan lebih 2 minggu.

Getting used to normal life again - rasa senyap sunyi after being surrounded by family yg ramai.

Cerita raya nanti-nantilah. Syawal kan panjang lagi;-)

Welcome back everyone - back to normalcy, back to work, back to wherever you left off.