Sunday, March 30, 2008

Anugerah Bintang Popular 2007 (Results Updated)

Nominees for 2007

* Highlighted in Red are predictions by Anne's Prelude, which does not necessarily reflect Anne's favourite. Happy watching tonite's show y'all. (Anuar Zain nyanyi tau;-) )

Popular TV Host (Male)

1. AC Mizal
2. Ally Iskandar
3. Aznil Nawawi
4. Azwan Ali
5. Wahid Mohamad

The winner: Aznil Nawawi

Popular TV Host (Female)

1. Cheryl Samad
2. Fara Fauzana
3. Fauziah Ahmad Daud
4. Raja Azura
5. Sharifah Shahira

The winner: Fara Fauzana

Popular Radio Presenter (Male)

1. Aznil Nawawi (Era FM)
2. AC Mizal (Era FM)
3. Faizal Ismail (Hot FM)
4. Khairil Rashid (Sinar FM)
5. Kieran (Era FM)

The winner: Faizal Ismail

Popular Radio Presenter (Female)

1. Abby Fana (Sinar FM)
2. Fara Fauzana (Hot FM)
3. Linda Onn (Era FM)
4. Nana Mahazan (Era FM)
5. Nila Kurnia (Sinar FM)

The winner: Fara Fauzana)

Popular Comedian (Male)

1. Afdlin Shauki
2. AC Mizal
3. Saiful Apek
4. Piee
5. Zul Yahya

The winner: Saiful Apek

Popular Comedian (Female)

1. Adibah Noor
2. Kenchana Devi
3. Raja Azura
4. Sharifah Shahira
5. Sheila Rusly

The winner: Sheila Rusly

Popular New Artiste (Male)

1. Bard R1
2. Dafi Ismail
3. Diddy Muhid
4. Fiq Halim
5. Kaer Azami

The winner: Dafi

Popular New Artiste (Female)

1. Farah Asyikin
2. Fouziah Ghous
3. Heliza Helmi
4. Julia Ziegler
5. Mila Jirin

The winner: Mila

Popular Nasyid Singer

1. Hijjaz
2. Inteam
3. Mirwana
4. Rabbani
5. Raihan

The winner: Rabbani

Popular Singer (Male)

1. Adam Mat Saman
2. Anuar Zain
3. Faizal Tahir
4. Mawi
5. Hazami

The winner: Mawi

Popular Singer (Female)

1. Adibah Noor
2. Mila Jirin
3. Jaclyn Victor
4. Misha Omar
5. Datuk Siti Nurhaliza

The winner: Datuk Siti Nurhaliza

Popular Group/Duo

1. Kristal
2. Jinbara
3. Misha Omar and Andy
4. Spider
5. Sofaz

The winner: Sofaz

Popular Film Actor

1. Afdlin Shauki
2. Pierre Andre
3. Rusdi Ramli
4. Rosyam Nor
5. Saiful Apek

The winner: Rusdi Ramli

Popular Film Actress

1. Erra Fazira
2.Fasha Sandha
3. Maya Karin
4. Sharifah Amani
5. Vanidah Imran

The winner: Fasha Sandha

Popular TV Actor

1. Aaron Aziz
2. Arash Mohamad
3. Fahrin Ahmad
4. Rosyam Nor
5. Datuk Jalaluddin Hassan

The winner: Rosyam Nor

Popular TV Actress

1. Dynaz Mokhtar
2. Eja
3. Fasha Sandha
4. Rita Rudaini
5. Rozita Che Wan

The winner: Dynaz

Most Popular of Them All: Mawi

Konsert 2 Akademi Fantasia 6


AC nyanyi dangdut.....The kids intro ala ala dangdut…it was all too much for me. Sometimes less is more.

The Host

I can only stomach AC in small doses. But he definitely was better than the first concert. Seemed like he got rid of his nerves and was more comfortable on stage being himself. I hope he’s not gonna overdo anything in the coming weeks.


Ogy was missing, and I was happy to have Adlin back. In fact I find Ogy’s absence all the more appealing. I’m sure the kids enjoyed it too. Adlin’s in your face comments are always honest and at times blunt… but at least takde jerit jerit terlebih emo. I wish Ning gets more technical with the vocal comments so that the kids learn.


Lufya – Cinta 100%

Dangdut was obviously not her thing….but she tried. Her gelek was not bad. But what the fish with the wet underarms….urghhh. Pity her, no one wants to be remembered that way. I don’t really like Lufya’s voice…macam tak puas dengar, and its not serak tapi like tak lepas. Credit for effort, but the singing was not that good.

Toi – Sang Pencinta

How can I forget that green satin outfit with one side ikat tali pinggang? (Lu pikirla sendiri ok) I wasn’t expecting much from Toi, but he pulled it off. Hujan’s song last week was a simple melody, and this week I can really here Toi’s tone of voice. The critics did not have much negative things to say about his singing, but more of his movement and penghayatan. I blame it on the green outfit.

Stanley – Sudah tu Sudah

A case of overconfidence or overdoing it? It was all over out of tune and pitchy. The ad-libbing didn’t work either. Imran Ajmain must have cringgggged in his seat.

Rina – Ku Seru

In the diaries, Ramli MS commended Rina for getting rid of her old singing habits and puts her younger competitors to shame. So I was looking forward to hear her sing. It was just OK for me. She can sing but her voice lack the “kemerduan”. It wasn’t bad but I didn’t feel it Mama, sorry.

( did you notice Ramli giving the thumbs up to the camera masa Adlin was commenting….haha, that is so not a Ramli thing to do kan…)

Alif – Angan dan Sedar

And how did he get picked out of the 6000 who came for auditions?

Aidit “Awak tak sihat eh?”
Alif “sihat bang”


Let’s move on

Ika – Malu Tapi Mahu

Kesian Cikgu Siti Hajar cringing in her seat and willing Ika on, but she just cant sing. Joget joget boleh la dik.

Adlin sd ‘banyak masalah…hancur la. Nak talipinggang ke nak boot…’

The kind Malaysian voters did Ika a favour and saved Ika from kena teruk lagi next week. Terima kasih Malaysia.

Naim – Aspalela

If Adlin nak baling kasut, Naim would be a nice target too.

Jasmi Rejab pun kena dengan Adlin….hmmm, padan. Awful clothes.

Faisal – Ranggi Metropolis

I was expecting a bad one from Faisal after the Friday presentation at the Akademi. Surprise, surprise…He rocked last nite.

Saida – Doktor Cinta

Oh dear girl, you have so many people rooting for you. You just have to bring it on. And she didn’t. So far, we can only hear glimpses of her vocal ability. I still believe she has a lot in her…just a matter of time. This song is sooo out of her character, and I’m sure she suffered doing the dances and all. I hope it gave her confidence to just let loose in the coming weeks.

Stacy – Rela

My Pick of the Nite. Nice tone, nice feel. Stacy delivered.
Suddenly I’m reminded of Candy’s powerful voice, but Stacy ada a better ‘soft’ feel to her delivery. Betul Aidit’s comments, Stacy needs to find her x-factor, otherwise like many others before her, jadi one of those with good vocals but never made it.

Riz – Separuh Masa

There’s a cocky-ness about Riz that I just don’t like. But let’s put that aside for a moment. He can sing and has the voice, we established that last week. With this fast number, it was pretty obvious that he’s out of breath and pitchy. And that jumping up and down is so unflattering to his belly. Thank the “image consultant” for putting on a horizontally striped cardigan zipped up to the belly...a lot of help that did...duuuhhh. and the hair…no, no!

Nubhan – Tak Bisa Memilihmu

I was looking forward to this. I like Nubhan’s tone, and I like this Sixth Sense song. It’s his nerves and confidence that will determine how well he performs. I thot he did really well and meant to sing this type of songs. That tone just came out so good in this slow number…despite being distracted by that glittery, ala-Christmas vest….i can feel the song. This is only the second week, and if Nubhan learns well from the vocal lessons, I have high hopes for Nubhan.

Nadia – Umbrella

She has a big voice…it’s the way she sings or is it the pronunciation that comes out weird. Even when she nyanyi lagu melayu, I get the same weird feeling. I didn’t like it but she’s definitely one of the better girls in the Akademi.

Menuju Puncak

Correct me if I’m wrong, this is the first time in AF history the students just dance to the Juwita Suwito version without having to sing. Kenapa – teruk sangat ke? Is it a different choreography from last week? I’m not sure…sebab last week nampak beterabur, mcm mana nak nampak step kan….but better this week.

Anne’s Prelude Pick for the week: Stacy & Nubhan

The last 3 days

The last 3 days, i was away at a Seminar at JW Marriot. The drive from Shah Alam to KL and back, going through the bad traffic was a pain. One of the evenings, it took me over 2 hours to get home.

Lucky the seminar was a good one, i met a great bunch of people and learned really cool stuff.

Yesterday evening we had a farewell cocktail event at La Bodega after the Seminar ended. At 7.45pm this lady told me she was making a move..."I nak balik la...malam ni konsert AF" hahahaha, tak sangka makcik vouge tu pun tengok AF. And i excused myself as well.

Wish i had taken pictures to post, tapi training room tu yellow lights, and my camera phone getting blury by the day:-(

Tired. Will do the concert review later.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Berat mata memandang.....

Its a long road ahead.

At times i cant bear the burden on my shoulders.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Konsert 1 Akademi Fantasia 6

After watching Diari AF the entire week, i was not expecting much. Still hopeful though, that with the stage, wardrobe, make-up, live band, audience....the contestants will take it up a few notches. I couldnt be more wrong.


Students: Some really lousy performances with the exception of a few OK ones. Nothing outstanding. I personally look forward to seeing Stacy, Nadia and Nubhan develop further because i like their tone of voice. Rina, Stanley and Riz can sing, but lets see them singing songs which are not their 'makanan' in the coming weekes. Saida is interesting to watch for obvious reasons. The rest were just forgettable. I really was happy when they brought 3 luggages on stage, too bad they boot only 1.

Was it me or were all the songs sang in a shorter version ala American Idol?

Host: OMG. AC you need to liven it up, really. Its been said Aznil is in a league of his own, and last nite AC gave the quip an entire new meaning. Aznil never looked so good.

Audience: Those who were cheering, if any, are definitely family members. The rest must have been falling asleep. Who can blame them.

Looks like Ramli MS & team has their work cut out for them this week.

Friday, March 21, 2008



Thursday, March 20, 2008

Salam Maulidur Rasul dari Anne's Prelude


(Khutbah ini disampaikan pada 9hb Zulhijjah 10H di Lembah Uranah, Gunung Arafah)*

Wahai manusia, dengarlah baik-baik apa yang hendak kukatakan. Aku tidak mengetahui apakah aku dapat bertemu lagi dengan kamu selepas ini. Oleh itu dengarlah dengan teliti kata-kataku ini dan sampaikan ia kepada orang-orang yang tidak dapat hadir di sini pada hari ini. Wahai manusia, seperti mana kamu menganggap bulan ini dan Kota ini sebagai suci, maka anggaplah jiwa dan harta setiap orang muslim sebagai amanah suci. kembalikan harta yang diamanahkan kepada kamu kepada pemiliknya yang berhak.

Janganlah kamu sakiti sesiapapun agar orang lain tidak menyakiti kamu lagi. Ingatlah bahawa sesungguhnya kamu akan menemui Tuhan kamu dan Dia pasti membuat perhitungan di atas segala amalan kamu. Allah telah mengharamkan riba, oleh itu segala urusan yang melibatkan riba adalah dibatalkan mulai sekarang. Berwaspadalah terhadap syaitan demi keselamatan agama kamu. Dia telah berputus asa untuk menyesatkan kamu dalam perkara-perkara besar, maka berjaga-jagalah supaya kamu tidak mengikutnya dalam perkara-perkara kecil.

Wahai manusia, sebagaimana kamu mempunyai hak ke atas isteri kamu mereka juga mempunyai hak di atas kamu. Sekiranya mereka menyempurnakan hak mereka ke atas kamu maka mereka juga berhak untuk diberi makan dan pakaian dalam suasana kasih sayang. Layanilah wanita-wanita kamu dengan baik, berlemah lembutlah terhadap mereka kerana sesungguhnya mereka adalah teman dan pembantu kamu yang setia. Dan hak kamu ke atas mereka ialah mereka sama sekali tidak boleh memasukkan orang yang kamu tidak sukai ke dalam rumah kamu dan dilarang melakukan zina. Wahai manusia, dengarlah kata-kataku ini, sembahlah Allah, dirikanlah sembahyang lima kali sehari, berpuasalah di bulan Ramadhan dan tunaikanlah zakat dari harta kekayaan kamu. Kerjakanlah 'Ibadah haji' sekiranya kamu mampu. Ketahuilah bahawa setiap muslimin adalah saudara kepada muslimin yang lain. Kamu semua adalah sama, tidak seorang pun yang lebih mulia dari yang lain kecuali dalam taqwa dan beramal soleh.

Ingatlah bahawa kamu akan menghadap Allah pada suatu hari nanti untuk dipertanggungjawabkan di atas segala apa yang telah kamu kerjakan. Oleh itu, awasilah agar jangan sekali-kali kamu terkeluar dari landasan kebenaran selepas ketiadaanku. Wahai manusia, tidak ada lagi Nabi atau rasul yang akan datang selepasku dan tidak akan lahir agama baru. Oleh itu wahai manusia, nilailah dengan betul dan fahamilah kata-kataku yang telah aku sampaikan kepada kamu. Sesungguhnya aku tinggalkan kepada kamu dua perkara, yang sekiranya kamu berpegang teguh dan mengikuti kedua-duanya, nescaya kamu tidak akan tersesat selama-lamanya. Itulah Al-Quran dan Sunnahku.

Hendaklah orang-orang yang mendengar ucapanku, menyampaikan pula kepada orang lain. Semoga yang terakhir lebih memahami kata-kataku dari mereka yang terus mendengar dariku. Saksikanlah Ya Allah, bahawasanya telah aku sampaikan risalah Mu kepada hamba-hambaMu..

Monday, March 17, 2008

I digossip y'all....

This morning i received this sms in my inbox from an ex-colleague

'Hi. How's life n job? Hope e'thing is fine. Heard ur engaged. When is the big day?'

I gelak sorang-sorang. Sape la yang bawak cerita ni. BF pun takdak.....:-) LOL

Rasa macam celeb pulak kena gossip hahahaha.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Of believes, hopes and wishes.....

Its coming up to a year now since i left full time employment and set up my own consultancy business with Jill. One year on, and we are still struggling to survive. However, there has not been one moment that i have considered turning tempting as it is, no matter how hard the struggle has been. Am i blindly optimistic? At least if all else fails, it will not be for lack of trying.

Napoleon Hill said, “There’s a difference between wishing for something and being ready to receive it. No one is ready for something until they believe that they can acquire it. The state of mind must be belief and not mere hope or wish.”
Some days, there is nothing going for me (us) except pure faith and believe.
Here's to another year, and that one big break, Insyaallah.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The JB Trip

About 8 hours on the road for a 40 mins meeting.

Was it worth the trip? Hmmm....whether we're gonna get the job - 1/6th chance. 6 bidders, 2 will be shortlisted, only 1 winner.

I got home, showered, makan sikit and tertido sampai 9a.m. this morning.

Today, i'll just laze around at home watching tv and recuperate. Kalau rajin malam ni sambung kerja.

You guys have a good weekend.

(Sorry, Nikli - tak sempat nak jumpa you.)

(Finally, streamyx is back to normal)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Down South

Jill & I will be going down south tomorrow. Mission - to sell ourselves....hahaha, not literally la.

Please pray for us.

(My streamyx is still down, i've been calling TM daily and its getting on my nerves. The pic above is our new office - read: Gloria Jeans Cafe @ Curve. Taking a break from Starbucks, and its peaceful here)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Anne Di Mana???

I'm back. I went missing because

1. Streamyx at home have not been receiving any connection since Friday morning (despite i paid my bills - no tunggakan)

2. Friday afternoon i balik kampung mengUNDI.

3. Back in Shah Alam since monday night but until today (Wednesday) still there is no connection.

I'm online from The Curve now. Hope the connection will be up when i get back.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

My Existence

I Exist!!!!
and that is a BIG DEAL.

Anne is happy to "exist" for now. The rest she leaves to God's will.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Sometimes an opportunity dangles itself in front of you, and as much as you want to grab dont because you want to be sensible.

Grrrrrr. Missed.

Monday, March 03, 2008

My Love Story

Cinta Dalam Hati

Mungkin ini memang jalan takdirku
Mengagumi tanpa di cintai
Tak mengapa bagiku asal kau pun bahagia
dengan hidupmu, dalam hidupmu

Telah lama kupendam perasaan itu
Menunggu hatimu menyambut diriku

Tak mengapa bagiku mencintaimu pun adalah
bahagia untukku, bahagia untukku

Ku ingin kau tahu diriku di sini menanti dirimu
Meski ku tunggu hingga hujung waktuku
Dan berharap rasa ini kan abadi untuk selamanya
Dan izinkan aku memeluk dirimu kali ini saja
Untuk ucapkan selamat tinggal untuk selamanya
Dan biarkan rasa ini bahagia untuk sekejap saja
Song by Ungu.

P/s: Sedih kan my love story

Sunday, March 02, 2008

NO to Eggs

I'm staying away from eggs for the entire week starting today. Yesterday alone i had 2 eggs. The rest of the week, hmmm i cant even recall...MANY! I've run out of eggs in my fridge and i'm not gonna get any until the week after. The amount of fried food i have indulged in these days, plus the eggs....i must be on a cholesterol high. NOT GOOD.