Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dead Tired

This morning, i woke up on the sofa, dressed in what i wore to work yesterday. I must have been dead tired. Running errands mostly, not so much the work. I was running around settling some car loan matters in the morning, then after work i was shopping for my sis, and some stuff for the car.

I'm going home to rest now.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

It's my Birthday

Its my birthday today. A reminder of my age....the part i dont like most. Yet i find many reasons to celebrate as well.........

New friends, a small group of people i have become very fond with at the office over the last few months. Nothing like suffering together for that extra-special bonding! A nice lunch treat today, to be followed by another weekend get-together.

Calls and sms from people you havent heard from for ages - i'm ashamed to admit i dont even remember their birthdays.

I registered my new car today, its kind of cool i thot to coincide it with my birthday. I wanted to get the number 2311 but its taken. Settled for 252. Nice? The only 3 digit reg. no left for sale. Even the good people at JPJ got excited that it's my birthday when they were entering my IC no. ;-).

I am meeting a friend for dinner in a bit.

I have put in my resignation letter 3 days ago, and all set for a new beginning.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

We talked...

We talked for what seems like forever....just me and him. It was like we have been friends for ages.

This morning, i got up to answer the phone, it was mum. She wanted to know if i was ok, after the stomach ache last night. I told her i was ok. Then i just sat there wondering why this happy feeling.

Its been a while since i had a good dream.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

More Dad Update

Dad went for his check up yesterday, exactly 14 days after the "collaspe" incident. The not so good news is he has a heart condition, the good news is even though there are irregularities, the heart doctor said its not serious, so no need for surgery. He just need to be on daily medication, and we have to rush him to a hospital if he has chest pains. His BP which was too low before has stabilised somewhat.

Not the best of news, yet i am grateful that it is not worst than it already is.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

No TV!!!!!

Only a tv junkie like me would have a full appreciation of my predicament. There has been no Astro signal feed to my tv for the past 12 hours...(at least). Maybe more. I returned home at 10.30pm after a horrible day at work, some issues with the family and a supposedly stress-relieving workout at the gym - to a blank screen.

"Services currently not available"

Its a normal problem if it rains (yes, despite the fact its PAY_TV!!). But this one lasted forever. The agony of trying, and retrying and retrying.....Because i live in an apartment building, the feed comes from a central receiver...not that "wok"-like dish. So when there's a problem, you need building management to help. Not good at midnight, not good when the office is closed over the weekend.

I have no idea if the neighbours are facing the same problem, as tempting as it is to knock on their door and ask that late at night. I fell asleep, woke up, still no TV. I cant even get free tv coz the arial point is directly connected to astro, and i dont have an indoor antenna.

I had this problem before, and the building management had me call the Astro Service man...Mr. Ibrahim. I found the number. Just called the guy....he's on his way to Balakong, and will drop by in the afternoon. Apparently i'm not the only one with the problem.

Aaargh, so restless...Save me Mr. Ibrahim, save me...

Monday, November 06, 2006

6 November....Someone's birthday.

In my bigger plan some years back, we should be celebrating this birthday together. Yours today and mine a few weeks from now.

It just aint happening. Happy Birthday.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Recently, i parted with almost RM400 for a gym wasnt even planned. You know they have these promos, and the irritating sales people try to convince you take up this great offer only valid for the day...i'm usually the last person to fall into such traps. My friends were amused. I thought it was a good deal. The RM400 is for 2 months membership, i.e. month 1 & month 12 (compulsory tie-up for 12 months). The other 100 admin fee. The outlet i signed up for is opening next year at location B. Until location B opens, dunno when maybe March, April or May.....i workout for free at outlet A. It sounded good at the time.

The morning after......what the hell, i wasnt even planning to join a gym in the first place. But hey, my friend Shal and her sis joined as well, so i can tag along with them ....I'm still upset with myself, but hey...i might as well make full use of it and get fit.

Dad Update- my dad is still weak, tired and coughing. His BP is still on the low side, and the doctor sd it takes a bit of time to go up to normal. He's loss his apetite;-(. Mum said today he's slightly better than yesterday, and I pray that tomorrow he'll feel better than today.