Monday, February 12, 2007

The Steamboat

On Saturday nite, Shal invited me n Jill to her place for a steamboat party..."al fresco" as she put it. A very small crowd of me, Jill, Shal, Shal's mom n sis. We had it on Shal's balcony. Shal has been wanting to do this for a while....Steamboat Party Kylie Kwong Style. She had the egg fried rice ready, chicken broth boiling in the electric pot right in the middle of the table. All types of vegetables nicely cut and laid on a bamboo tray, bowls of marinated meat, prawns, cuttlefish, and boiled telur puyuh and fishballs. Chilled Sparkling white grape juice to wash down the hot soup and condiments.

Me and Jill stopped by Tesco to get dessert, but we got a bit lost finding Shal's place, so it was slightly melted vanilla ice cream with canned pineapple & peaches for dessert, and black coffee for the midnight drive home.

Thanks Shal for having me and Jill over.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

i'm bored

For the past 2 days, i've been working at a client's office up in Tower 2 KLCC. As i am in the handing over stage, there's not much to do. I am so bored. Lucky the whole floor is on WIFI.

To make matters worse, 4 of us are sharing this small roundtable...such proximity...hmm..too close for comfort.

The thing is our security passes is not ready yet, so we are pretty much confined to this small project room. Just not the wifi got disconnected, my team members went for a meeting, and i was bored out of my wits, and decided to take pictures of KL

7 days and counting to 'Freedom At Work'.