Monday, June 30, 2008

The Morning After

Apa kes?

Picture taken at 10a.m. this morning.

Exclusive ni....tak ramai boleh tengok my 'just woke up' face.muahahaha.. muka tak siap!

U'ollls mesti kat office ke, or kat mana-mana la kan on this productive monday morning. Teruk betul I pagi ni. Patutnya ada meeting kat KLCC 10 pagi ni, tapi semalam i was told postpone esok. Bagus sangat la tu.

Semalam i stayed up sampai 1 lebih, email to client the work that's due today. Senang sikit - dia masuk office, log in email - dah ada apa dia nak. Campur dengan the night before stayed up whole night, my body was tired i suppose. Tho i tak rasa penat mana pun.

Dragging myself to the shower now.

Have a good monday everyone.....jangan cakap monday blues semua....alasan je tu.

Work hard people!!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Sunday Morning

I have a small project due to a client on Monday (esok). After the training was over & the 'fall-down', the rest of friday i suppose i was really tired. I didnt start work until yesterday morning. And i only finished it at 6a.m. this mornin'. The consultant who hired me to do this work (CT) wants to have a look today. So i had to get it ready early to meet her at 10.30a.m.

And my printer have ink problem, so i ran here and there this morning to find a printing shop that's open. Selalu ada this kedai i go often. Pukul 8.30 they would be open. But of course hari ni jugak they have to close i was late, had to go all the way to Sec 2 (dekat UITM tu) - i hate being late.

She was already waiting for me at Dome(The Curve) when i arrived. I did call to let her know. Nasib she was very understanding. She bought me coffee...i must have looked like i really needed one. Dengan tak tidonya satu malam.....

Dome's Flat White

The good thing is she was happy with the work. Risau jugak because this is the first time i buat technical work for her.

That is Siti going thru my work - suspen jer

Lepas meeting i jalan2 kejap kat Curve's sunday flea market. Best jugak, ada many cute tops and blouses, and witty statement-Ts. I didnt buy anything - i shouldnt be shopping. Ajak Shal jumpa - she had something with her sis. Jill's busy moving house. Boring la nak balik masa tu.

I called my brother - hari tu dia ajak join hantar Is, my niece register for College today. They were already leaving. He wanted to wait - i sd tak payahlah. Anyway, i havent bought anything for Is lagi. Tak tau nak beli apa- saja la nak belikan hadiah. Dulu her sis masuk college i got her a thumbdrive. Nak beli apa eh? What do college kids need? (tolong suggest)

So, since i had no one to entertain me, i balik rumah je. And i'm now watching a Marathon re-run of Ugly Betty. Boring kan. Dah makan, and dah ngantuk...but i'm fighting sleep takut malam tak boleh tido.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bubbly: Colbie Caillat

Jom Karaoke
(pause my mp3 player if you're hearing double)

.....It starts in my toes,
and I crinkle my nose
Wherever it goes,

I always know
You make me smile,

please stay for a while now
Just take your time,

wherever you go.....

Friday, June 27, 2008


Just got back. Completed the one & a half day training. Alhamdullilah, everything went well. The feedback was on the whole positive:-) So Jill & I are happy.

Tapi bukan Anne la kan kalau takde sesuatu yang 'luar biasa' kan.....hmmm, lepas lunch kat hotel tu tadi, nak balik....i terjatuh tangga. Adus....jatuh ke depan plak tu. Tercampak laptop, handbag semua. Sakit la kaki:-( Sampai rumah terus letak icepack.

Nanti Jill dah edit training pictures i will upload. Ni ada satu pic taken by Jill - heheh..Jill memang suka la ambik gambar pelik2 ni....artistic (katanyaaa!)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Hari ni kan sepatutnya hari kelam kabut sedunia. Kenapa? sebab esok and lusa i am conducting a training programme. Biasanya the day before memang sibuk with preparation.

This time around i relax je. Bangun tadi kemas bilik I and guest room (sebab Jill akan sleepover kalau ada training). Sebab preparation on my part dah siap.Nanti petang and malam la go over apa yang patut. Jill tengah running around i think, printing and siapkan materials.

For Jill's beauty sleep;-) beautiful ke....muahahaha

Anyway, i dok fikir-fikir apa nak pakai esok. Client ni pulak paling regular. So baju2 kerja i semua depa dah tengok rasanya...hehe.

Dah pilih pants for Day1 and Day2...time ni baju still kat kedai.

So i keluar pergi Subang Parade kejap tadi, mission: get 2 new tops in one hour. Luckily today - misi berjaya. Kejap je pilih, try, beli. Kadang2 pusing satu hari tak jumpa. Dah target by 2 o'clock must be back. Ada kerja lain nak buat.

On the way back, calling-calling my mom. Biasala....daily routine tanya khabar. Sibuk i dok cerita beli baju baru, terserempak dengan cousin.....pastu dah nak say bye2 dah Mak sound, hmmmm "tak tanya pun Mak pegi hospital check tadi...buat ECG semua".

Adussssss......sebenarnya Mak ada mention this week dia ada check up. Cuma i tak perasan its today. Ya ammmpunnnnnn. Nasib pandai cover-cover..."alaaa, baru nak tanya"..."bukan esok ke".....rasa bersalah sangat.

Nasib Mak still nak cerita...about ECG dia ok...haritu dia risau chest pain. Blood test dia pun ok. BP pun stable. Cuma dia penyakit asthma, memang regular check up kat chest clinic.

Bonda tercinta (selalu kena snap curi-curi, mak tak nak posing tau)

Alaaaa, sedih la bila Mak cakap sorang pun tak call tanya dia punya check up. Kita orang adik beradik yg tinggal jauh - call tiap-tiap hari or selang sehari tanya khabar. Tapi selalunya tanya semua sibuk tanya pasal my Dad sebab uzur sikit la. Mak kecik hati la tu.

I dah call Abang i tadi....dah pesan kejap lagi call Mak tau.

Bodoh betul aku ni, pegi lupa pulak.
Tak sensitive langsung kan. Guilty, guilty.

Ampun Mak (walaupon Mak tak baca blog).
Nasib Mak masih mau layan tadi....macam tak merajuk, tapi dalam hati siapa tahu kan.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Coincidences & Signs

is it a coincidence?

or a sign?

Kadang-kadang, bila kita terlalu mahukan sesuatu, semua kebetulan (coincidence) kita tafsir sebagai satu petanda (sign), isyarat untuk sesuatu.....kan?

takde maknenya....!!

atau ada....?

to be at a very unlikely place - on the same day - at the same time...........what are the odds? sesuatu kebetulan yang sangat ganjil berlaku petang tadi...hmmmm, sori, terlalu personal untuk i cerita terang terang.

Monday, June 23, 2008

When It Rains.............

It Pours!!!!!!!!

Hari ni memang i tau i will be busy nak settlekan kerja, nak keluar pergi meeting.

Lepas tu macam-macam issues dan masalah lagi datang hari ni jugak.

God please give me the strength to go through this.

So many things to do. You all have a good Monday hard, study hard - whichever is applicable;-).

I have got to run.
Sue, i had to paste this here....haha. hillarious. thanks for making me LOL.
Sue: moshi
me: moshi ....when it rains it pours
Sue: no rain here...better off ur computer (read: for safety - lightning)
me: its a metaphor la

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Anne Asking Anne

Q: Are you busting your ass off to get what you want?
A: I'm working on it

Q: Are you trying hard enough?
A: Hmmm, i could be doing more

Q: Why arent you?
A: I know, i should be

Q: What are you waiting for?
A: I dunno

Q: What the hell is wrong with you?
A: ok, ok...stop. I get the picture

(excuse me, i'm having a scizophrenic weekend)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Today is a GIFT....Kung Fu Panda

Semalam i just needed to get myself away from the laptop for a while. Lama tak buat kerja gila macam ni - pergi tengok wayang sorang-sorang. I rationalised it as rewarding small achievements, ada la kerja-kerja yang i dah siap (konon). Anyway, best jugak once in a while tengok sorang-sorang, especially time off peak. Semalam kan hari kerja...panggung pun agak kosong.

Anyway, i watched Kung Fu Panda sebab 1. i memang suka animations, 2. read many awesome reviews by bloggers. Memang best, memang kelakar. Kalau nak de-stress memang best.

And as an added bonus, banyak philosophies yang dapat ambik dari Kung Fu Panda ni....if rajin nak fikir2, many good life lessons you can get from this movie. This is the most memorable one..

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a GIFT....that is why its called The Present"

It also teaches you to believe in are as good as you think you are.

There are no secret recipes to success.

And Po the Panda so comel and huggable.

As for destressing my self, memang effective la. I good mood je dari semalam sampai hari ni:-)

Go watch it if you havent. Like Po said "there is no charge for awesomeness"

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Presents Week

My postings this week agak serious dan depressing kan. Jom i cerita yg happy sikit.

Siapa tak suka dapat hadiah kan....i got 2 this week..yayy!

1. This is from Shal. Dia pergi visit adik dia who lives in Canada, and she went shopping-crazy at the factory outlets in Seattle.

Dia suruh pilih between the two purses.

I picked the lighter color.

Thank you Shal!!!

2. Haaaaaa, tengok ni. Voucher KFC for RM200.00.

Thats a lot of chicken kan! Ini i dapat sebab masuk contest KFC dah lama dah. Baru courier sampai semalam. Boleh buat party ni, beberapa barrel boleh beli;-).

The week is not over....sesiapa yg nak hantar hadiah sempat lagi...muahahaha..gurau je u'ols...

Sleepless in Shah Alam

Its 3.46a.m. I can't sleep. Did fall asleep sejam dua earlier...about 11 i think. Selalu macam ni these days. Must be sebab a lot of things on my mind.

Tak bagus kan sleeping pattern macam ni. I'm finding it hard to focus on work during the day. Mungkin sebab banyak sangat benda i fikir. Bila tengah buat A, i fikir B, C, D, E, F sampai Z. Mungkin sebab tak cukup tidor ke otak serabut.

Telling myself to calm down and focus, focus, focus.

Apa nak buat ni. On Astro kejap, nothing to watch. Dah baca blog, dah main Jewel Quest...tak ngantuk jugak. Kepala dok fikir to get new jobs, how to get more business. Sungguh tak tenang nak tido.

Fan dah on kuat ni, tapi panas and rimas.

Last try, nak gi boil water, buat hot milo....sometimes that helps to make me sleepy.

Korang semua mesti tengah best tido dgn mimpi2 indah kan....jelez.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Anne is ....



figuring things out.

scared shit.

in desperate need of a big hug.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


There's been many occasions i have been dissapointed by the immaturity of people much older than me. Today is another one of those times. (This person asked me a very stupid and insensitive question that i dont even wanna share here...)

Just confirms my believe that AGE and MATURITY has very limited correlation (if any at all).

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Celebrate The Small Things

If i want to wait for my hopes and dreams to happen to be happy, i am going to be unhappy for a looooonnnggggg time. So i've learnt (am learning) to celebrate the small things, to be grateful for the little things God grants me....

Today, i am happy and grateful

that i finished the work i owe my client.

that the training company has banked in my fees

that the client (the one i was contemplating sending bouncers to) called to say cheque will be ready monday
( you guys start to get ideas that i'm getting loads of $$$$$ - takde maknanya-, cukup cukup nak bayar bills and loans je - but at least ada kan, alhamdulillah)

that i spoke to a friend i havent spoken to in ages-enjoyed that;-)

that my nephew (who broke his collar-bone) dont need surgery after all

...and then i got a call that didnt get me excited - tomorrow i have a meeting in KLCC at 6p.m.. On a friday 6p.m?.....who sets a meeting at 6p.m?.....on a FRIDAY evening?....right smack at traffic jam center of all traffic jams.....?

Well, the name is Siti, and i am at her mercy. so i said yes. :-(

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Random Entries of Another Uninteresting Day

  • In case you're wondering i did get around to washing my car. Pukul 8 dah turun bawah bawak baldi.:-)

  • Apart from that, been trying to finish this Job Description for a client. Its been a while and my brain is on slow-mo.

  • I got news that my nephew, Amil - broke his collar bone. He's in form 3. My bro said he will need surgery. Fell off his bicycle. Just saw him on friday and he was fine.

  • I'm still eating food that my mom bekalkan over the weekend. Sampai besok pun ada lagi i think. (thanks Mak) - happy tak payah masak.

  • No news on payments due, (please la i'm broke)

  • Suddenly i miss going to the gym, but i quit my membership some months back (why? -see previous point)

  • 'Semangat baru' masih membara di jiwa (cewahhhh), but seriously - i'm all fired up to make sure my business survives.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Nothing interesting

Today i stayed home and work. I managed to keep myself in my little home office until 3 o'clock until i relented to the sofa and tv. I still managed some work done sambil2 tengok tv.

Kerja and makan and kerja and makan.

My mom tapau some food from home so i masak nasi je, and reheat lauk.

In between i entertained client calls. Ni client yang tak reti-reti lagi nak settlekan invoice dah sebulan lebih. Letih tunggu. (sapa-sapa nak jadi bouncer tak??;-))Kena sabar jugak la sebab client ni je yang paling regular. Cuma they are very slow in paying. I'm not good at being harsh too people...dunno if its a good or bad thing, even if people make me furious - i just keep quiet most of the time. And still be nice....maybe i'm just raised that way.

Anywho, nothing interesting today. I didn't use any fuel so that's gotta be a good thing. That reminds me, my car is super dirty - dah janji nak basuh sendiri kan, nak basuh la esok. (semangat kan...) We'll see if it happens tmrow;-P

Monday, June 09, 2008

Semangat Baru

I'm back, dengan semangat baru!
Semangat apa tau?, nak cari duit, cari rezeki. Penangan oil price hike ni. Also semangat lepas a weekend with my parents i suppose. I owe them more than i can provide sekarang.

Have you guys isi minyak since the price hike? (Gosh, terasa betul, wlaupon di-sponsor masa balik kg ...haha). If dulu isi penuh dalam R75, now dah naik RM115. Ni belum kira other spill over effects macam on food stuff, bill letrik and everything else. Dengan business yang still merangkak-rangkak in gear satu ni, its a scary thought.

I tengah fikir-fikir some cost cutting measures ni:

- Basuh kereta sendiri.
Hantar car wash RM10 sekali. Kalau sebulan dua kali RM20 - dah boleh top up tuang minyak beberapa liter kan

- Jangan buat meeting kat Starbucks/ cafe yg sewaktu dengannya
Average RM10 per visit. Kalau a few times a week, dah berapa kan. Nanti have to discuss with Jill alternative arrangements.

what else? dont eat out as well, but i seldom eat out these days pun. masak kat rumah je.

And above all, have to work my butt off to make more money. there is no two way bout it.

Speaking of fuel and coffee, pagi2 buta tadi i had to drive all the way to KLCC, through Monday morning traffic and all - had a breakfast meeting at 8.30a.m. kat San Francisco Coffee with 2 biz associates. Nak tak nak terpaksa get a drink kan. Tu belum campur parking KLCC yg killer tu.

the RM7 cup of coffee i shouldnt be having
(tangan menggeletar, blur habis)

Lepas meeting, sessi menghabiskan minyak continues. I went to Keramat to lodge a report kat Persatuan Pengguna Islam M'sia - kes tipah tertipu belum settle. I got lost looking for the place, circled around Keramat dua tiga kali before i found it.
another ikhtiar....

So much for fuel savings kan.

p/s - Thanks to all who wished me a good weekend and safe journey.

Friday, June 06, 2008


The past 2 weeks ni tiba2 rasa homesick pulak. Walaupun call mak almost every day, rindu pulak nak jumpa. Lagipun teringat my dad yang tak berapa sihat, dia ok - cuma he doesnt move around much. Tak larat dah old age. Macam ni la kalau duduk jauh ni, korang yang duduk KL or duduk satu tempat dengan parents mesti tak rasa ni kan.....

Anyway, kebetulan abang i nak balik kampung. Dia selalu kalau balik sorang2 dia suka naik bas malam je. Dia ni kalau drive sorang2 tak boleh, dia jenis kena ada teman kalau tak dia tidor. Tapi you all pun tau kan accident bas express menjadi2. Memang la kalau benda nak jadi tu takdir, tapi I tak berapa nak confident naik bas dah.

So me and my brother cut a deal, I drive my car tapi minyak toll semua dia tanggung. Dia pun paham adik dia tengah kering ni. Mula2 planned for last week tapi dia postpone to this weekend. Masa tu dia tak tau minyak nak naik tinggi menggunung. Muahahahaha. Kesian dia. Nasib the deal is still on.

So kejap lagi, i will leave to pick him up. 5 hours insyaallah sampai. Sunday kitaorang balik sini. short trip tapi sempat la manja manja dgn Mak...heheheh....dan layan my Dad.

Happy weekend people! Permisi dulu ya!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Manusia biar pangkat darjat setinggi mana
walau kaya mana pun
kalau ada penyakit 'S' ni.....

Tadi i pergi meeting kat KLCC
Bukan my project cuma i tolong kawan
Everytime dia tak boleh attend i akan replace dia
Consultant2 lain yg buat kerja

Ni 3rd time i attend
So bukan tak kenal consultant 3 orang ni
Pernah cakap2 semua

Tapi hari ni
I kena ignore totally
Buat dek je sorang sorang
Like i dont even exist
Sombong tak tentu pasal

Ikut suka korang la
I tak rugi apa apa pun
Maybe depa rasa I ni not worth talking to agaknya

Dah biasa sangat orang macam ni
Everytime i encounter situation like this
I just tell myself not to do the same to others

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Anne is Back!

I'm back:-D

Its good to be back. The past four days was hmmmm.....'empty'.

Collected the laptop this morning.

So far its working great.

I will be bloghopping now. See ya...........